Students are placed in the best course for their language level. The English courses offered for children and teens are Kindergarten, Foundation level I – Beginners, Foundation level II – Developing, Literacy and Native Speaker. French courses are offered during the school holidays and during the school year by arrangement. Adult English and French courses focus on conversation and grammar skills.

Classes are held at different times and days – please see the TLC Calendar for more information.


TLC focuses on engaging students so that learning is fun and both children and adults are actively involved in the learning process. The classrooms are warm and welcoming and teaching is highly engaging.

Learning goes beyond the classroom through the use of the library and media centre. All students are encouraged to use their newfound skills at home and on holiday.

We encourage critical and creative thinking through discussion and debates so that students develop language skills for everyday and academic life.

English courses

Children, teens and young adults


This is a playful introduction to English and phonics. Children learn to speak through repetition and games, gaining confidence each week. This course is aimed at preschool children, starting from age 4.

Foundation level I


This course is aimed at children with little or no previous knowledge of English. Through fun activities and interesting subjects, children learn to speak and write with confidence.

Ages 6-8

Foundation level II


This course is for children with previous knowledge of English. They can form sentences and communicate simply but effectively. The course aims to further develop their grammar and writing skills and increase their vocabulary so they are able to converse confidently and join the Literacy course.

Ages 6-8

Foundation level III

Older children

This course is geared to children ages 9-12. Children will have had some English and will benefit from a course which will give them the confidence needed to communicate on a variety of subjects. This course also aims to prepare older children for the Literacy course.


This level is for students who have a good knowledge of English and are confident speaking and writing. Students will deepen their language skills through science, history and humanities and will work in groups and pairs to prepare project work and presentations. Students are actively encouraged to participate as much as possible in class.

Ages 8-16


A conversation course designed to meet the needs of teens and young adults. Classes will be held in small groups of no more than 8 participants.

Ages 16+

Native speaker courses

These courses are offered to fluent and native English speaking children. Children who are non-natives should have lived in an English speaking country and/or attended an English school. Children and students will be taught at a level similar to children and students in the UK through National Curriculum topics and cross-cultural activities.

Intensive courses

During the school holidays, TLC will offer one-week intensive English sessions for children, teens and adults. The day will consist of a minimum of three hours of English in the morning and an activity in the afternoon. Please check the calendar for dates and courses.



ELC offers a coffee and conversation course each morning. Highlights will be current news, parenting tips, holidays and a book club.


Who says you can’t learn or practice a new language just because you’re getting older? The senior’s conversation group will discuss current topics and include a book club.

Conversation and grammar skills

This course will focus on gaining confidence in speaking English. Emphasis will be placed on grammar and pronunciation skills using written and oral exercises and covering a wide range of topics.

Business and technical English

This course will cover the needs of anyone working with non-French speaking clients and employees and will focus on the English terminology needed to communicate effectively, whether by email, text, phone or in person. Whether you own a restaurant or a shop, run a garage, sell property, or provide legal or accounting services to new residents, this course is for you.

Small groups or private tuition

If you would like private English lessons, would prefer a small group of 3-4 people or have specific learning requests, please contact us. We will do our best to find a time to suit you.

French courses

Conversation and grammar skills

TLC will offer French courses primarily during the school holidays for children, students and adults. For those interested in spending a week or two in the beautiful South of France, we are able to assist with accommodation and travel tips. Please contact us for more information.

French language learning throughout the year is available by prior arrangement. Please contact us with your language needs.

Intensive courses

During the school holidays, TLC will offer one-week intensive French sessions for children, students and adults. Children and students will benefit from a minimum of three hours of French in the morning and an activity in the afternoon. For adults, we offer four hours of intensive language learning for five mornings and an afternoon activity. Please check the calendar for dates, courses and availability.